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Inflatable Packers & Fraccing System Specialists

With a focus on helping you minimize production time and use of energy resources, ACIM provides a diverse and efficient selection of inflatable packers, fraccing tools and systems. By applying our expertise and innovative design, we have established ourselves as leading suppliers of safe and cost-effective products in the industry. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability, ensuring all of our inflatable packers are designed to reduce the possibility of packer failures caused by unexpected inconsistencies. Each product undergoes strict quality control during the manufacturing process to ensure it meets high standards before shipment.

Additionally, professional onsite assistance and technical support is available to ensure you receive maximum use from your fraccing products. By listening to our clients, we understand that different applications require unique attention, which is why we are dedicated to offering effective custom solutions.$$

ACIM specializes in inflatable packers for geotechnical, mining, and oil and gas products. These packers are helpful at every stage from initial testing to bore remediation and bore completion. Our expert team performs rigorous quality control checks at every stage of the manufacturing process and tests them in the lab to ensure their dependability. Over many years of experience, we have brought innovative developments with the latest technology in inflatable packers solutions.

We have a wide range of inflatable packers as follows:
1.Packers Hydro Frac: Available in BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ sizes, we provide customised solutions. This increases production rates through high-pressure injections with the help of a hydraulic fracturing system and improves the stability of the mineral.
2.Packers- Grouting: This packer helps to stabilise the grounds in tunnels, dams and mines.
3.Packers-Casing Repair: This helps to mend the damage caused to water, oil and gas. It is an affordable solution found in standard and non-standard sizes to fit different applications.
4.Packers-Wireline:  For earlier hydraulic and pneumatic inflation testing, this product is used. These come in standard sizes to suit the needs of the customer.
5.Packers- Inflatable Bridge Plugs: This product works best for the isolation of holes.
6.Packers-High Temperature: Our reliable high-temperature packers are used for DST. We offer customised services to meet our customer’s needs.


Inflatable packers are typically made from heavy-duty PVC or rubber materials, such as neoprene, that can withstand pressure up to 1,000 psi or higher. Other available materials can include thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic polyurethane and other advanced materials that are highly resistant to chemical corrosion.

About ACIM

ACIM is a proudly Australian owned manufacturing company which specialise in designing and manufacturing innovative inflatable packers, hydraulic fracturing systems, tools and data loggers. We have been offering premium products to our customers across Australia, Chile, South Korea, Italy, Russia, America and Indonesia since 1990. Our dedication to providing specialist assistance to the geotechnical, mining, oil and gas markets, positions us as experts in the industry.

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Why choose our Inflatable Packers?

Our experienced technicians are highly trained to provide inflatable packer services to minimise the damage caused by unpredicted loopholes in the borehole. With the collaboration of our renowned designers and some of the leading manufacturers, we strive to provide excellence.

  • On-site technical support
  • Our systems and tools are tested for reliability and durability
  • Ongoing research to ensure the latest technology is applied
  • Custom solutions to suit individual requirements
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Our range of inflatable packers includes:

  • Isolation Packers
  • Grouting Packers
  • Injection Packers
  • Frac (Fracture) Packers
  • High-Pressure Packers
  • Moving End Packers
  • Sealing Packers
  • Annulus Packers
  • Wireline Packers
  • ESP Packers
  • Riserless Pump Packers
  • High Differential Load Packers
  • Our services:

  • Huge supplier of packers to suit your requirements
  • Experienced technical staff and online assistance
  • Check to ensure reliability to prevent packer failure
  • Latest technology applications
  • We strive to maintain a strong commitment and leadership to provide high-quality inflatable packers projects. The inflatable packer has significant advantages, unlike other packers.

  • High-pressure rating
  • The minimal outside diameter and large interior diameter
  • Long sealing sections that adapt to uneven borehole sides
  • With a focus on our customer’s requirements, we serve all the industries in and around Melbourne. If you have any doubts regarding our packer system, please feel free to call us. Browse our website to learn more.

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