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With a focus on helping you minimise production time and use of energy resources, ACIM provides a diverse and efficient selection of inflatable packersfraccing tools and systems. By applying our expertise and innovative design, we have established ourselves as leading suppliers of safe and cost effective products in the industry. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability, ensuring all of our inflatable packers are designed to reduce the possibility of packer failures caused by unexpected inconsistencies. Each product undergoes strict quality control during the manufacturing process to ensure it meets high standards before shipment.

Additionally, professional onsite assistance and technical support is available to ensure you receive maximum use from your fraccing products. By listening to our clients, we understand that different applications require unique attention, which is why we are dedicated to offering effective custom solutions.

About ACIM

ACIM is a proudly Australian owned manufacturing company which specialise in designing and manufacturing innovative inflatable packers, hydraulic fracturing systems, tools and data loggers. We have been offering premium products to our customers across Australia, Chile, South Korea, Italy, Russia, America and Indonesia since 1990. Our dedication to providing specialist assistance to the geotechnical, mining, oil and gas markets, positions us as experts in the industry.

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Why choose our Inflatable Packers?

  • On-site technical support
  • Our systems and tools are tested for reliability and durability
  • Ongoing research to ensure the latest technology is applied
  • Custom solutions to suit individual requirements
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Read about how ACIM is using modern technology to quickly respond to our client’s request and customise production to suit their needs.


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Get in touch with an ACIM specialist via our online contact form or by calling our Victorian office on 03 9543 4470.