Reliable Pressure Data Loggers for all Industries

ACIM brings you an array of data logger services in Australia to fit your budget. These electronic devices are designed to monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, and other environmental parameters. Featured with batteries, wire, internal storage memory, and a program module, this is similar to a portable box.


Data loggers are electronic devices used to record data over a period of time. They are used to measure, monitor and store data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and current. Data loggers in Australia are used in a variety of industries including Agriculture, Engineering, Construction and Healthcare. They are used to measure environmental conditions or other physical phenomena which helps in understanding the data better and making informed decisions.
A water level data logger is an electronic device used to measure and record changes in water levels over time. It provides useful information for Hydrologists, Engineers and other professionals who need to know the exact depth of a body of water. By collecting and analysing data from multiple locations, a water pressure data logger provides accurate readings of surface elevation and helps identify potential flooding risks as well as groundwater levels.
A temperature data logger is used to measure and record temperature readings over a period of time. These loggers are designed to be accurate, reliable and easy to use with high-precision sensors. The accuracy of the data collected depends on how well the data logger is calibrated and maintained. Additionally, the accuracy can be affected by factors such as ambient temperature, humidity levels and more.
Yes, we do have temperature data loggers. They are used to monitor the temperature in a variety of environments over a set period of time. The loggers allow businesses to track temperature changes and identify any potential risks or problems. They come in a range of sizes and configurations, making them ideal for both small-scale operations and large-scale industrial applications.
Pressure data loggers are specialised devices used to measure and monitor pressure. They are capable of recording data over a long period of time, allowing for accurate analysis and tracking of changes in pressure. Pressure data loggers measure gas or liquid pressure in a variety of settings, including industrial plants and laboratories as well as other applications. With their ability to store and report data over time, pressure data loggers are invaluable tools for monitoring processes that involve fluctuations in pressure.